The Japan Professional Football League‘s top level (also known as the Meiji Yasuda J1 League) is among Asia’s most famous competitions. It has appeared in FIFA editions for almost six years. According to a news leak, Japan’s J-League could indeed leave FIFA 23 to players’ shock. According to the latest report, Japan’s J-League teams, players, kits, and icons will not be accessible anymore on any mode. According to the insider, FIFA 23 is set to be the final game of the series featuring Japan’s J-League, with EA Sports reportedly ending its deal to use the license for its games. Not only are FIFA players worried about the fact that more teams and leagues are leaving their licensing partnerships, but they are also still coming to terms with the fact that FIFA 23 is being rebranded.

Witcher, an insider who is a trustworthy source for FIFA title info, announced the news via social media. “J-League and EA SPORTS have ended their cooperation after six years.” “The division will not be featured in FIFA 23,” he stated. Some speculate that the J-League has signed a licencing agreement with Konami’s eFootball 2023, the ideological successor to the Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) series. However, this has yet to be confirmed.

There were 38 separate leagues with almost 700 licenced clubs in FIFA 22. A number of men’s and women’s national teams also were made accessible in the videogame. However, it is unclear if the total amount of leagues in FIFA 23 will reduce or expand. But this is significant because no one wants to play in the Lemier Preague alongside Cristoph Rolando and Manchester Separated.

Before FIFA 22 was published, there was so much chatter about the series being free-to-play, cross-platform, and even featuring an Online Career Mode. And there was still a slew of improvements, from a restructured FUT Champions Weekend League to Player Profession getting a boost with new content; there would be a distinct lack of the monumental developments we’ve just mentioned. So the issue is, will FIFA 23 push things in a different direction?.

FIFA 23 is significant because it is the final game throughout the long-running FIFA series. It will be fascinating to watch how Electronic Arts decides to commemorate or comprehend its separation from Football Governing Body (FIFA). Electronic Arts formally confirmed last month that it would no longer have the FIFA rights and will instead operate under the brand EA Sports FC. EA has argued that it can create a profitable football game over the past year without FIFA’s licence arrangement.