J league Under / Over betting guide


How to Bet on the Goals of J League

There are dozens of betting markets these days. But the two most popular ones certainly are generally the 1×2 result betting and over/under goals betting.

These different systems focus on different aspects of the game.

The 1×2 market, as well as more advanced markets that use handicaps, focus on the performance of a specific team.

In other words, the 1×2 system organizes the bets of the punters and divides the pool of bets between punters that believe in the victory of the hosts and the visitors, as well as a potential match draw.

However, the over/under full-time market of goals tries to guess how many goals a football match will produce. That’s the best way to describe this market in a nutshell.

Goal Betting Lines

There are very simple and very advanced markets for any type of bet on football or other sports. And they can use a concept called a betting line.

Lines can be used for handicaps of teams too, but in the over/under goal bets it works in a simple way.

The bookies use decimal numbers like 2.5, 3.5 or 4.5 to avoid potential draws between the house and the punters.

Let us consider an example.

Let’s suppose that Nagoya will face Kobe, and the market is divided between bettors that believe the match will have 3 or more goals, while the other half believes the game will be more defensive and only 2 goals or fewer will happen in the entire game.

The result of this scenario would be a market stabilized with lines of over/under 2.5 goals. This way, regardless of the result, there’ll be a winning side.

Betting Odds vs Betting Lines

However, betting lines only determine the betting outcome. The product that determines the potential prize of a sports bettor are the betting odds.

Therefore, a close game like this can have over/under 2.5 lines with odds of 2.0, while an open game with a big team and a small one can have the same 2.0 odds, but with lines of 3.5 for over/under, for example.

Typical over/under Full Time Scenarios and Lines

It’s also important to note that we are talking about the full time betting market, which considers the regular time of a soccer game.

There are secondary betting markets that only consider the goals produced, for example, during the 1st or the 2nd time or even the extra time.

As a general rule of thumb, average games will have over/under lines of 2.5 @2.0 decimal odds.

Big teams facing small teams drive the expectations of goals up, usually to lines of 3.5+ with odds around 2.0.

Still with the focus on the goal lines rather than odds, derbies can be more like closed games without much space, so lines may be as low as 2.0.

Lines such as 3.75, 2.25 or 2.0 are typical of the Asian Handicap Over/Under betting market, which is a rather advanced one. We’ll discuss it in detail in an upcoming guide.