Introduction to Betting 1×2 and Goals market


Japan League 1 –  1×2 Betting Guide

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Even if you just know that sports betting has made some fortunes out there, everyone started from scratch learning how 1×2 works. Let’s understand how the system works.

Betting Odds: Understanding the Concept and Systems

1×2 is a system used by the bookies to sell odds to the market. A betting odd is essentially a multiplier that determines the potential prize of a sports bettor in case he wins the bet.

The reason why there are professional sports bettors out there is simple: odds aren’t always right, and they often have what punters call value, meaning you have an edge against the market if you are good at what you do.

To make the most of the free, prime insights at our site, first, it’s necessary to grasp how the system works.

1×2 – What 1, X and 2 Stand For

1 is the home team, X is the match draw and 2 is the visitor. As simple as that.

The bookies balance the money they take from the market by adjusting the odds, at the 1×2 market and any other market.

So, for example, if tomorrow morning it is announced that the ‘1’  will rest several regulars, we can expect the odds for that side to win to become bigger.

In case the odds of team ‘1’ market victory grows, the other side will become less attractive. The market balances new money as it enters the markets.

Essentially, this is how the 1×2 market works. So, when our writers mention the ‘1’ odds, they mean the odds to bet on the victory of the hosts, ‘2’ for visitors and X for the match draw.

Let’s simulate a scenario where 3 bettors have placed similar bets of €100 on each different market and see their potential winnings depending on the result of the game.

The Asian Handicap football system:

Professional bettors simply don’t use normally use the 1×2 system: the odds are not always the best value.

Not only the house takes a bigger cut in the retail bookies than the Asian ones, but the way the odds are calculated also isn’t optimal for professional betting.

The essence of Asian Handicap betting: making the big teams good enough

Nowadays it’s pretty boring to bet on Real Madrid, PSG, Manchester City, or Bayern München in the normal match odds (1×2)market.

This as the reward to guess correctly whether these giants will win is not worth the risk on most occasions.

For that reason, this market is usually preferred by recreational bettors, i.e. punters that want to have some fun and nothing else.

Sustained, long-term professional betting profits need bigger odds and a balanced system of bets and odds.

Summary: Asian Handicap betting

In this guide, we wanted to show you how games between big teams and smaller teams work in the Asian handicap.

Games between teams of similar quality in the eyes of the market are different, but there’s one thing in common: in the Asian handicap market, there are always just two possibilities in terms of betting result, winner or loser, in case the handicap ends with half a ball (.5).

In short, the draw is not a result which voids any bets and so it improves the chances of winning to the punter.